Big Almaty Lake

The turquoise treasure

of the Northern Tian Shan


More than 2000 years ago, a powerful earthquake took place in the mountains of Tian Shan, therefore forming a unique place, now known as Big Almaty Lake. Despite it being only 30 kilometers away from Almaty, the urban atmosphere is non-existent here. Emerald greenery and sky-blue water surface in Summer and snowy mountains in Winter make it possible to enjoy one of the most delightful places in Central Asia.


Nowadays, everything needed for comfortable tourism is already there, including modern roads, viewing platforms, and cafes! The pearl of Tian Shan waits for you!



Price for 1-2 persons tour: 25000tg

Price for 3 persons tour: 30000tg

Price for 4 persons tour: 35000tg

Price for 5-7 persons tour: 45000tg

Individual tour


Entrance fees

Excursion from driver-guide


Drinking water

8:00 Departure from the City

9:30 Arrival in the parking near the Lake

10:00-12:00 Walk around the Lake

12:30-13:30 Picnic near the Lake


13:30-15:30 Walk around the waterfalls down the gorge

17:00 Arrival at the City