Charyn Canyon

Private Tour to the Second Largest Canyon in the World


Quirky silhouettes and curves are like masterpieces in the art gallery, all interpreted by each person uniquely. Some would spot Buddha's sitting figure, while others would see traditional yurts, and some others would notice horses. Not mentioning the myriads of legends surrounding this place: about Witches, whose songs mock the travelers, about the pack of Red Wolves, that always pursues you, like a mirage. And what will you find there?

Price for 1 person tour: 20000tg

Price for 2-3 persons tour: 40000tg

Price for 4 persons tour: 45000tg

Price for 5-7 persons tour: 60000tg

Individual tour


Entrance fees

Excursion from driver-guide


Drinking water

8:00 Departure from the City

11:00 Arrival in the Canyon

11:00-12:30 Walk through the Canyon to the Charyn River

12:30-13:30 Lunch near the Charyn River


13:30-14:30 Walk to the viewing platform in the upper part of the Canyon

15:00 Departure to the City

18:00 Arrival at the City

The alterations can be done to this schedule if desired.