Assy Plateau

1 day tour

Plateau, Hidden From All...


Assy high-altitude plateau is a breathtakingly beautiful place and tremendous rangeland (zhailau). In ancient times, caravans from Europe went to India and China through this place. 


Nowadays, there is an observatory in the higher area of the plateau, which has one of the largest telescopes in the world. The territory extends for 40 kilometers to the East, to the Bartogay reservoir.


In the late spring and the summer, the plateau's scenery blooms with marvelous mountains and green rangeland, with flocks of sheep and horses grazing there.

Price for 1-2 person tour: 45000тг

Price for 3 person tour: 50000тг

Price for 4 person tour: 55000тг

Price for 5-7 person tour: 60000тг

Individual tour


Entrance fees

Excursion from driver-guide


Drinking water

8:00 Departure from the City

11:00 Arrival in the Plateau

11:00-12:30 Walk around the highest point of the area, photoshoot

12:30-13:30 Picnic near the Assy River


13:30-14:30 Walk around different viewing platforms

15:00 Departure to the City

18:00 Arrival at the City

The alterations can be done to this schedule if desired.